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typical mod garbage BONK! Overly sexual questions are no longer allowed.


Sup horndogs!

It came to our attention that the collective mind has drifted too far into the gutter. And no not that kind of "came", for fucks sake. We've received many complaints from the community that the questions in this subreddit have gotten increasingly horny, and honestly I agree. See? And you fuckers say we don't listen. It's not that we don't, it's that we don't give a fuck, except when shit gets really bad.

There are only so many times a person can read about why buttsex is so popular or what the best position is or what was the freakiest sex, before succumbing to unclean thoughts themselves, which is not what Jesus would want from us.

That's why automoderator has been purposefully sexually repressed in order to harbour a healthy hatred towards all things horny. Honestly, you're on fucking reddit, it's full of porn as it is. If you want to read people make sexy shit up, go to /r/AskRedditAfterDark, that's where all the other teenagers are. Or a billion of other bad erotica subs.

A side effect of sending you all to horny jail is that some pretty "general" words were added to the filter so if your question gets removed for something that is not horny, send us a modmail. Should say so in the removal comment anyway, but who reads those am I right??

There is also a report reason available if some bodily fluids still manage to drip past the filter if you get what I mean. Remember, only you can prevent forest fires horny shitposts.

Anyway, that is all, remember to read the Bible (or regional equivalent) and keep your gonads in your pants. Clean is mean or some shit.


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Men of reddit who found out that their child wasn’t actually theirs. How did you find out and how did you react?


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How to stop wanting a girlfriend?


As someone who is never gonna get a girlfriend, how do I get rid of the urge/want of wanting one? Can't ever see myself in a relationship and I don't even know how dating works. I just want to stop thinking about it.

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How often do you actually accidently 'trap' / hurt your testis


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What is something women do that belittles you?


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As a man, what should you never do on a first date?


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Because of entertainment, what unrealistic expectation did you have about women?


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would you get a Massage from a Male Massage Therapist, why or why not?


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What's your favorite flower?


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How do you deal with overly competitive men?


I've played guitar in a number of amateur and semi-professional rock bands for years. I love it, it's my passion and there's nothing I'd rather do more with my time, but the one thing that consistently bugs me is the toxic competitiveness that exists between fellow musicians.

Soundchecks are the worst. Each band plays while the other bands wait and watch, which turns into a pissing contest with guitarists trying to out play each other when all they need to do is play a couple of chords. And backstage it's a constant one-upmanship of who has the best gear, who's played the biggest gig, who's got more fans.

The majority of the bands I gig alongside are all-male groups, and hopefully I can say this without causing a full-blown gender war, but in my experience the women I play with tend to be supportive whereas guys tend to be competitive.

What I will say is musicians in general aren't a representative sample of society! We tend to be more fragile, or egotistical and feed off the approval of others. So I'm not saying all guys are like this. But in the male dominated rock scene it's a clear issue.

How do you guys deal with this? It feels like you're in constant competition with each other! How do you make it clear you're not interested in competing? Ignoring and not engaging in it is the obvious approach, but I feel like this just ignoring the issue and not helping to create a more supportive environment.

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Dear men, what's the one thing you can't tolerate?


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How did your father teach you about being a man?


My dad was the money maker and my mom ruled over the household with an iron fist. I can count on one hand the number of times he stood up to her and was actually the man of the house.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my dad, but he didn’t teach me shit. His idea of teaching me how to be a man was how to change the oil in the lawnmower and how to tie a tie.

He never taught me about girls, how to handle confrontation, how the world works for men, none of this stuff that I feel could’ve really helped me, but now im stuck trying to figure out on my own.

Anyone else have this issue?

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What is a rule of etiquette you follow that most people don't observe?


If I'm at a crosswalk, I always wait for oncoming traffic to slow down before I start across the road. A lot people seem to have more faith in drivers stopping for them and just YOLO it.

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What do you think makes a woman fall in love with a man?


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In your opinion, what’s the biggest problem facing men today?


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What is the difference between boundaries and controlling behaviour?


I mean I know that it is different for everyone. For example if you SO tell you she is uncomfortable with you having female friends because she doesn't believe in opposite sex friendships, is it a boundary or controlling behaviour?

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What do you assume when a woman says she’s “traditional?”


I automatically assume she means she wants you to the carry the relationship and won’t ever text first.

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If you were financially stable enough, would you pay all the bills for your wife and kids? Why or why not?


The title pretty much sums it up. Do men mind fronting the bill for everything if they could afford it? Or would you rather have a 50/50 relationship with your wife?

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Men of Reddit, given that men seem to have a tendency to become isolated loners, especially as they get older, how do you plan to combat this?


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What are some reasons you “slow fade” after dating someone for a few months vs. being direct?


Wondering why people don’t just tell people they’re not interested? Slow fading is confusing and really somewhat cruel to the other person… telling someone directly, while still possibly hurting someone, is at least showing respect

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How do you deal with a heart break ?


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What do you do for a living ?